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Your Energy BluePrint

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What’s Important to You?

Learning the language of energy opens the gateway to happiness and harmony. It is the foundation of trust and self-confidence.

You define the direction of your life with the choices you make and the actions you take.

In this session you’ll also discover the the touchstone to help you focus and re-energize.

$235/50 minutes or $185 /30 minutes

Celebrate You!

Your Passion Project

Phone and On-line Package

Define Your Goals; Map Your Success!

The GEMS™ program takes you through a personalized review of what it takes to manifest your inspiration.

The process helps you design your destiny and define your goals.  During the interactive process you’ll:

  • Develop and deepen your peace practice
  • Identify barriers, blocks and beliefs which hold you back and release them
  • Map your personal evolution path and develop skills to successfully navigate it
  • Craft your actionable plan for transformation and be accountable for your success
  • Access the gifts of mother earth to focus your energy and more!

Create Your Prosperity Plan!

Design Your Destiny

Virtual or In-Person Available

Be Specific and Actionable!

You know it’s time for change.  You’re looking for clarity.  You’re ready to dive in, prioritize , make a plan and take action.

This is a customized  1/2- 2 day session which supports a thorough review of your goals and energy blueprint.

You’ll decide what’s working, what’s not and specific steps to manifest the your dreams.

Manifest Your Success!

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Discover Treasure

Meditations and Motivations

Gemstones are woven into our history. Revered for their beauty; given as special gifts, used in healing and technology. Crystals have an essential role in modern day living.

Crystal Cupboard

Support your personal journey and focus with a curated collection of  tools for transformation: Books and CD’s, Personalized Stone Selection, Crystal Therapy Grid Kits and more!

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