New Video Course

Author and Angel Expert Doreen Virtue and I have teamed up again to bring you an amazing  on-line course on crystal energy and how to use it in your life!

We’ll be sharing insights about how to add gemstone energies to your life to help with: stress, health, relationships and more.  Plus, you’ll have access to private FB CCR group!

Enjoy- click below for details.

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How Can I Help You?

You are transforming!  The world is changing and it’s part of the manifestation process to stop. breathe and receive.

A personal consultation helps you gain clarity, define your next steps and gain momentum as you create your best life.  Explore your beliefs, remove barriers and blocks to energize your life!

What would you like to create?

Let’s Work Together!

Brilliant Beautiful Being – Let’s Keep in Touch!

You’ll receive inspirational insights on integrated living and Crystal Friends Community™ updates. Don’t worry your info is safe; it won’t be shared.  Your trust is cherished.

With love,


Gimme Gems

Welcome Crystal Friends!

Destiny Seekers,  Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Healers, Corporate Rebels

A renaissance is underway; the world is transforming and how it changes depends on you. When you live to your fullest potential you  light the path for others. Would you like to:

  • Accelerate the evolution of your best self – best life
  • Navigate life changes and choices with ease
  • Access your inner compass and  Universal wisdom
  • Explore the expansive gifts of energy, gems and intergrative healing modalities
  • Make a life and make a living doing what you love
  • Contribute to elevating global consciousness and planetary well-being

Brilliant and Bold.  You’re Ready to Shine!

Within you is the seed of purpose; you have gifts to share with the world!  You have a passion to create and contribution to make.   Designing your destiny is an inside job. Today you’ve heard the call to action.  You have the courage to define your truth and act with conviction!


You’re ready to embrace life with mindfulness; to learn the language of energy and put it into practical application.

Your Purpose

You know it’s time to dig deep and define the course of action for life your heart desires.

Your Transformation

Your’re ready to dream big and take the steps to manifest your success!

Your life is a sacred journey.  It is unique based on experiences, circumstances and relationships.  Your  journey is fueled by your beliefs, choices and decision to grow.

And you are never alone…

 Humanity shares the desire to rise above survival to manifest fulfillment. Transcendence of ego comes from the choice to share the very best of ourselves with the world.

Transformation is the ripple of love in action that can change the world!

Let’s Work Together!

Energize Positive Change in Your Life

Crystal Friends™  holds the space space for life long development with insights, inspiration and tools for transformation.  Plus, hosts a supportive community focused on accelerating global consciousness!  Discover tips for holistic living and well-being !

For centuries sages and scientists have turned to nature for inspiration, healing and rejuvenation.  Creating a personal peace practice is the cornerstones to a harmonious life.

When the mind stills the Universe speaks.  Learning the language of your soul holds the key to contentment and supports your success.


“Living your soul purpose is a joyful adventure!

Travel in trust with a hand up and hand down.

Your success strengthens the tribe and lights the way for others!”

Judith Lukomski

Clients Say….

“A channel of light, Judith delivers insights and wisdom which transforms lives. Her connection with Spirit is clear and her compassion evident especially when sharing the tough stuff… she is a joy.”

M. B, Jeweler, Arizona
“If you’re ready to embrace change then working with Judith is “the” key to success. My business is growing and I am thrilled!”
S.A., Designer, U.K.
“Judith is amazing. She easily tunes into your current state of living and quickly helps you develop an action plan that moves your life toward your dreams and deepest desires.”
W. F, Executive, New York
“I feel I have “come home” to my true nature of being a loving, compassionate, and joyful spiritual being! I am so grateful to Judith. I highly recommend her programs for anyone seeking fulfillment in his or her life – these programs will definitely change your life for the better!”
V. T. Professional, Los Angeles, CA
“Meeting with Judith encouraged me to expand my practice and begin writing! Awesome experience!”

L. T., Therapist, Canada