Judith Lukomski

I share insights, expertise and practices to help you connect with your inner wisdom, gain clarity and take action.

I am passionate about: spiritual and personal development, environmental stewardship, equality, education, healthcare and global well-being.

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I am dedicated to helping you mine your dreams and polish your talents to create your best life!

I’m awed by universe, amazed by the human spirit and inspired by nature.  Did you know — the human body shares crystalline elements found in stardust and the earth?  You are a star!

I’ve always felt everything connects; a knowing the Universe is one amazing interconnected life force.  I’ve been sensitive to energy since childhood.  I’ve studied the laws and mysteries of the Universe – along with psychology, business, computer science and philosophy. I’m a transformation expert and a pioneer in the positive psychology in the workplace movement.

I’ve taught thousands of people how to access their intuition and easy steps to integrate holistic choices for a joyful life. I co-authored  beloved bestseller Crystal Therapy; designed and delivered courses on empowerment, healing and more.

I’ve been a featured speaker for the Unity Church Enlightened Leadership Series; shared the stage with Doreen Virtue, don Miguel Ruiz, Deborah King and more!

I’ve created the GEMS™ Success Strategies for Life, Crystal Energist™ Practitioner  and the Wise Women Lead with Love Programs to help  fellow adventurers create positive change in their lives and the world!  Let’s connect.