Thank you for visiting the Crystal Friends Treasure page.  You’ll find nature’s gemstone gifts, amazing artisan jewelry plus, tools for transformation to support your journey and to share with loved ones!

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  • Exquisite and powerful personal talismans.    Each jewelry item is personal selected by Judith to ensure sustainable practices.  Email for information.
  • Beautiful powerful unique crystals from around the world; natural and polished selections available.  All are personally sourced by Judith to ensure quality along with humane and sustainable mining practices.  Email for details.
  • It was great to speak with you!  Please complete this purchase and your new Crystal Friend will be on the way to you!
  • Crystal Therapy is a wonderful pocket guide for both beginners and experienced practitioners. The authors discuss how the crystals work with the angels and archangels while focusing on crystals that are easily obtainable. Beautiful photos are included to introduce you to new friends along with channeled messages from each stone. Learn which crystal to use for particular health or life issues, how to build energy grids that help with abundance, romance, a good night's sleep, protection and much more.